Replicated CD/DVDs are optical discs that are created by stamping data onto clear plastic then a silver coating is added for easy laser reads. Discs then have labels printed on the discs with single Pantone colors (up to 5 colors) or 4 color process (millions of colors).

Duplicated CDs & DVDs are pre-made disc where data is burned onto a CDR, DVR or BDR, like what you burn on your computer.  Labels can be printed with a digital process, thermal printing, screen printed or or adhesive labels can be applied to the discs.

We only use and sell Grade A Disc Media. There are many different types of "R" media on the market and the quality of the discs can eliminate most playback issues, making your optical media project simple and complete..

There are 4 different kinds of disc label options. 
Thermal Printing: Labels are printed right on the silver or color background of a CD/DVD or BDR. We only do black on silver or black on white background.
Adhesive Labels: Printed on laser prefab labels and applied to the discs. Used more for short term fast turn around discs.
Digital Labels: A newer process where 4 color labels are printed right on the media. Saves from using screen printing. Better for short runs where you want color but not an adhesive label.
Screen Printed Labels: Uses age old screen printing process. Like t-shirts but with a UV cured ink. Colors go from 1-5 with Pantone Colors or 4 color process, which uses CMYK (4 films - millions of colors). Requires film and screens to create the label. 
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